Rabeprazole : Indication,Dosage,Side-effect


In this blog, I will give you information regarding Rabeprazole medicine. Rabeprazole medicine decreases stomach acid. So, this medicine is useful in acidity or heartburn. It is available in market with different brand names like Rabekind, Rekool, etc.

rabeprazole medicine

Acidity is common problem now a days due to our life style, our food habits, etc. Rabeprazole is patented in 1986 and approved for medical use in 1997. It is available as a generic medication.

This is very important topic to learn. We learn here in below format

It is available in oral medicine form.


  1. Acidity or heartburn
    Burning sensation in chest & in abdominal region.
  2. Gastro-oesophageal reflux
    It is digestive disease in which stomach acid or bile irritates the food pipe lining.
  3. Erosive oesophagitis
    In which, there is inflammation in oesophagus (food pipe). It characterized by mucosal breaks such as erosion or ulcerations on endoscopy.
  4. Gastric and duodenal ulcer
    Ulcer in stomach or in first part of small intestine.
  5. NSAID induced ulcer
    Pain-killer for long duration without acidity regulator medicine may cause ulcer. So, this medicine indicated in pain-killer associated ulcer. To avoid this type of situation doctor generally prescribed acidity regulator along with antibiotic & NSAID.
  6. Zollinger-Ellison syndrome (ZES)
    It is rare condition in which one one or more tumour form in pancreas or upper part of small intestine. Due to that there is secretion of gastrin, which causes stomach to produce too much acid.

    In this way, Rabeprazole is useful for many conditions. It is very important point that how it works? After taking this medicine, it suppresses gastric juice secretion by specific inhibition of enzyme H*K* ATPase. Which is present on secretory surface of parietal cells in stomach. It inhibit H* means proton pump, So this medicine in known as proton pump inhibitor. Gastric juice means gastric acid, when gastric juice secretion decreases automatically we feel better in acidity & helps us in above conditions. Go To List


10mg twice a daily before meal or 20mg once daily before meal. Dosage can be increase as per need. It can be given for 4 to 8 weeks as per disease condition.

Rabeprazole can be given to adolescents (12 years old and up) for the treatment of symptomatic GERD.


  • Hypersensitivity
    Patient known with hypersensitivity to rabeprazole sodium should avoid this content.
  • Pregnancy & lactation
    This content should be avoid in pregnancy & lactation is safest possible route until human studies clarify the exact risk.


Each & every molecule which have effect, it has also side-effect. We can not deny adverse effect or side-effect. But it is not happen to everybody, it only occurs to someone who have sensitivity to particular molecule.

It is patient’s responsibility that they should bring sensitivity report with them if any, while consulting doctor.

If adverse effect occur, that may like as below.

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Diarrhoea or constipation
  • Abdominal pain
  • Flu like symptoms
  • Rabeprazole induce liver injury (rare)
  • Acid suppression due to medicine which may cause Vitamin B12 & magnesium deficiency, if we take for long period.


  • Use cautiously in liver problems
  • Avoid alcohol as it may aggravate the underlying condition and decrease the benefit.
  • Avoid prolonged use Go To List


Rabeprazole contain in available in different brand names.

  • Rabekind made by mankind
  • Rekool made by alembic
  • Rabicip made by cipla

It is available in below strenth

  • 10mg,20mg 

If you are suffering from this kind of problem than you must change your life style instead taking medicines for acidity everyday. Go To List

If you are taking medicine for acidity for long time without advise of doctor than it may be harm to you. Unnecessary continuation of medicine for long time may causes vitamin B12 deficiency, illness like typhoid or diarrhoea.

You can modify lifestyle by avoid addiction, taking less number of tea per day, avoid fried-spicy and living stress free life.

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