Gallbladder Functions and Contraction


Today I will give you information regarding gallbladder and its functions.Gallbladder functions

structure of gallbladder


Location of gallbladder is right side and upper part of abdomen. It lies just below liver.

Bile secreted from liver for digestion is stored in gall bladder. Capacity of gallbladder is approx 50 ml., that much volume of bile can be store by gall bladder.

Gall bladder is connected to small intestine through common bile duct. Through this duct gall bladder sends bile to small intestine for digestion.

The gallbladder can be affected by gallstones, formed by material that can not dissolved – usually cholesterol or bilirubin, a product of hemoglobin breakdown. In gallstone, patient having pain in upper-right side of abdomen, and are treated with removal of the gallbladder called a cholecystectomy if needed.

Cholecyst means gallbladder. Cholecystitis means inflammation of gallbladder, it may occur due to gallstones, infection, and autoimmune disease.

If someone is suffering from gallbladder disease like gall stone or other dysfunction than gallbladder can be remove. Its called cholecystectomy. After it patient do not suffer from any major disadvantage.

Now, I am telling about gallbladder’s functions which are simple, important and very interesting.


  1. Storage of Bile

    Bile secreted from liver is stored in gallbladder. Approx 50 ml bile can be stored in gallbladder.

  2. Concentration of Bile

    Bile is concentrated while its stored in gallbladder. Volume of bile is decreased as there is absorption of water & electrolytes from it. As water & electrolytes goes from bile concentration of bile increase 5 to 10 times.

  3. Alteration of pH of Bile

    The pH of bile is 8 to 8.6
    But when bile stored in gall bladder, it changed. It decreases to 7 to 7.6
    This way bile become less alkaline when it store in gallbladder.

  4. Secretion of mucin

    Gallbladder secret mucin & add it to bile. Mucin is one type of lubricant, which helps in movement of intestine by its lubricant property.

  5. Maintenance of pressure in biliary system

    gallbladder pressure

    When we go through our body function, we must believe that there must be spiritual power who runs all these.

    This function is very interesting. Gallbladder maintains pressure of about 7 cm H2O in biliary system. Due to this pressure bile from liver enters in gallbladder.

    When we take food and it enters into intestine, gallbladder contracts. Than pressure increases upto 20 cm H2O. Because of increasing pressure, bile from gallbladder goes to intestine.


Gallbladder contracts by two way:

  1. Hormonal factor

    When food (fatty chyme) enters in the intestine from stomach, intestine secretes hormone named cholecystokinin. Which causes contraction of gallbladder.

  2. Neural factor

    When stomach release gastric juice there is stumulation of vagus nerve causes contraction of gallbladder.

Hope you understand gallbladder & its function. If you have any query message or mail me. To watch video of above content, click below.