muscles Classification | Composition of skeletan muscle

skeletan muscles
Classification of muscles

In this blog, we learn classification of muscles & composition of skeleton muscles. It is very 

important and interesting topic.

When we talk about muscles, the word biceps, triceps, trapezius, abs etc comes to our mind. But there are more than 600 muscles in our body.

Whatever examples you take like walk, run, jump or taking tea or coffee. We can do it because our muscles works. It helps in doing everything in day to day life.  So, this topic is very important and interesting. It’s fact that we are nothing in absence of muscles.


  1. Depending upon situation
  2. As per presence or absence of striations
  3. Depending upon control


As per location or situation, the muscles are classified into three types:

  1. Skeleton muscles
  2. Cardiac muscles
  3. Smooth muscles

i. Skeleton muscles

Our structure is made by bones called skeleton as you can see in image. It is the internal framework of human body. The muscles associated with the bone are known as skeletal muscles.

The skeletan muscles form 40 to 50% of body mass. Striation means transverse lines are present in the structure of skeletal muscles. So, it is also known as striated muscle.

These muscles are supplied by somatic nerve fiber. So, its under our control. We can give command to muscles for walk, run, to raise hand, etc. 

The skeletan muscles are comes in contact to bones through tendons. 

ii. Cardiac muscles

Cardiac muscle forms the musculature of the heart. Muscles of heart also have transverse lines means striation. So, its also called striated muscles. 

Cardiac muscles are supplied by autonomic nerve fibers. So, these muscles are involuntary which are not in our control. It means that it works on its own, we can’t give command for contraction or relaxation of heart.

iii. Smooth muscles 

The muscles associated with organs or viscera are known as smooth muscle. It is present in organs like stomach, intestine, ureter, urinary bladder, urethra, uterus, etc parts in our body.

There is no striation (transverse lines) in these muscles like skeletan or cardiac muscles. Hence the name smooth muscle given.

Smooth muscles are supplied by autonomic nerve fiber. So, these muscles are involuntary which are not in our control. We can not give message to intestine to push food ahead. It works on its own when needed.

In female, these muscle accelerate the movement of sperm  through genital tract after sexual act. Sperm reaches from vagina to uterus to fallopian tube with help of these muscles. Also helps in movement of ovum into uterus through fallopian tube. These muscles also helpful to delivery of the baby. 



Striated muscle 

It means those muscles have large number transverse lines (cross section) are called striated muscles.

Skeletan muscles and cardiac muscles belongs to this category.

Non-striated muscle

It means muscle which does not have cross striations is called non striated muscle. It is also known as plain muscle or smooth muscle. These muscle is present in wall of the organs like stomach, intestine, uterus, etc. 



Voluntary muscle

Muscles which are in our control are known as voluntary muscles. Skeletan muscles are voluntary muscles whom we can give command like to lift hand, to walk, etc.

Involuntary muscle

Muscles which are not in our control are known as involuntary muscles. Cardiac and smooth muscles are example of involuntary muscles.

We can not give any command to these muscles. It works on their own when needed.

When need to push food ahead, intestinal muscles contracts. While delivery uterine muscle contracts & push baby ahead. After sexual act, sperm travels through vagina to uterus to fallopian tube by contraction of muscles. This way involuntary muscles helps us in so many activity.



If we ask someone that by what content muscle forms? Mostly we get the answer that muscles is formed by protein. Those who are doing exercise are taking protein supplement for their muscle build up. But, here we will learn composition of skeleton muscle in detail.

Skeletan muscles content 75% water. It content 20% protein part as mention in chart. So, 95% part of muscle is formed by water and protein. Remains part is formed by some organic and inorganic substance.

Hope you like the article on classification of muscles and composition of skeletan muscle. To watch video on below content kindly click below link.



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