Ceftriaxone : Indication, Dosage, Side-effect


In this blog, I will give you information regarding ceftriaxone antibiotic. Ceftriaxone antibiotic is used for treatment of number of bacterial infections.

Antibiotic means medicine which inhibit growth or destroy bacteria. There are many antibiotics available today in market. It is differenciate under groups.

ceftriaxone cephalosporin antibiotic
ceftriaxone structure

This antibiotic ceftriaxone is comes under cephalosporin group of medicine. It is third-generation cephalosporin medicine. This is not for oral use, it is not available in tablet form. This medicine is available in injection form, which is given intravenously (directly in vein).

Ceftriaxone is patented in 1978 & approved for medical use since 1982. As per World Health Organisation ceftriaxone is saffest, essential, and most effective antibiotic. It is available as generic medicine.
We learn this topic in below format,


Ceftriaxone is helpful in many bacterial infections, as mention below.

  1. Lower respiratory tract infections (LRTI) like Pneumonia.
  2. Urinary tract infection (UTI)
  3. Brain infection – meningitis
  4. Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  5. Sexually transmitted disease like gonorrhoea
  6. Bone & joint infection
  7. Intra abdominal infections like typhoid or other infections
  8. Septicaemia means serious blood poisoning by bactetia.
    Bacteraemia means bacteria present in blood.
    Above both conditions are related to bacteria in blood. Ceftriaxone is helpful in both conditions.
  9. Surgical prophylaxis
    Before start the surgery, ceftriaxone antibiotic is given to prevent infection during surgical procedure.

This antibiotic is used in both gram +ve & gram -ve bacteria including anaerobes. This way ceftriaxone is useful to treat so many bactrial infections. Go To List


Once you choose the proper medicine than next important point is to give proper dosage.

Approximately 50-75 mg/kg/day in two divided dose given.

For eg.

10 KG child – 500-750mg/day

20 KG child – 1000-1500mg/day

40kg or more – 2000 mg/day is last dosage

This way dosage of ceftriaxone is calculated. If weight is more than 40kg than it will not make difference in dosage. Last dosage is 2000mg/day in two divided dosage at 12 hours distance.

Although if brain infection like meningitis or other more serious disease, the dosage can be increase.

Ceftriaxone is available in 0.5 GM, 1 GM & 2 GM injection pack. (1 gm=1000 mg)

ONSET OF EFFECT – Within few minutes

DURATION OF ACTION – for 6 to 8 hours Go To List


Each & every molecule which have effect, it has also side-effect.We can not deny adverse effect or side-effect.But it is not happen to everybody, it only occurs to someone who have sensitivity to particular molecule.

It is patient’s responsibility that they should bring sensitivity report with them if any, while consulting doctor.

If adverse effect occur, that may like as below.

  • Pain & inflammation at the site of injection is very common.
  • Nausea, vomiting,diarrhoea
  • Skin rash,urticaria
  • Haemopoietic dysfunctions
  • Superinfection


Antibiotics must be use with some precautions in some particular conditions.

  • Use cautiously in renal & hepatic impairment
  • History of GI disease
  • Avoid in infants under 6 weeks
  • Use only if clearly indicated in pregnancy Go To List

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