Causes of vomiting : abdominal & metabolic


In this blog, we learn about causes of vomiting. Vomit is common problem, it can be occur to any age group from child to old age. Mostly its due to gastric problem & simply controlled by medicine or injection.

abdominal causes of vomiting
causes of vomiting

Here, we learn this topic in depth because there are so many causes regarding vomiting. It may occur in heart problem or may occur after head injury. So, sometime vomit gives clue of major problem in our body. So, alertness regarding vomit becomes life saving many times.


  1. Peptic ulcer
    When there is break in the inner lining of stomach or first part of small intestine is called peptic ulcer. In peptic ulcer, patient suffer from abdominal pain and vomiting.
  2. Colic
    In colic pain starts and stops abruptly. It occurs due to muscular contraction of hollow tube.

      • Renal colic
        It is due to stone in kidney, results in pain and vomiting.
      • Billiary colic
        It is due to stone in gall bladder, results in pain & vomit.
      • baby colic
        It occurs to child below 1 year of age, in which child cries excessively.
  3. Appendicitis
    Infection in appendix cause fever, abdominal pain and vomit.
  4. Viral hepatitis, jaundice
    Infection to liver will cause fever, loss of appetite and vomit.
  5. Pancreatitis
    Infection to pancreas will lead to abdominal pain and vomit.
  6. Peritonitis
    Inflammation in inner lining of abdomen causes abdominal pain and vomit.


  1. Myocardial infarction
    When sufficient blood amount not reached to heart is called myocardial infarction. It will be life threatening, if not treated early. Symptoms of MI are heaviness of ches, gabharaman, perspiration and vomit.
  2. Cardiac failure
    In heart failure, person may suffer from chest pain, rapid or irregular heart beat, vomit, etc.


  1. Raised intracranial pressure
    When pressure inside brain increases, its called raised ICP. It leads to headache, blurred vision, vomiting, etc. It may lead to damage brain. So, early diagnosis is benificial to patient.
  2. Motion sickness
    It feels by so many people during travelling by car, boat, airplane. It leads to weakness, dizziness, vomiting, etc.
  3. Meniere’s disease
    It is disorder of inner ear in which patient suffers from vertigo, healing loss, sounds in ear, vomit, etc.
  4. Radiation
    After giving treatment by radition in cancer, patient may suffer from vomiting. So, medicine for vomit is given before starting of radition therapy.


  1. Diabetes
    Very low or very high sugar in blood may cause nauseous feeling or vomit.
  2. Alcohol
    To much drinking alcohol may cause hangover including vomiting.
  3. Pregnancy
    It is common to have vomit in early months of pregnancy, its called morning sickness. It is due to hormonal changes after concieving.
  4. Hypercalcemia
    It is condition in which calcium level is blood is increased. It causes bone pain, weajness, stomach upset, nausea, vomit, etc.
  5. Addison’s disease
    It is uncommon disorder in which adrenal gland, just above the kidney, produces less amount of hormones.


  1. Febrile illness
    It may occur in feverish condition.
  2. Cholera
    When patient having cholera infection, person have diarrhoea and vomiting.
  3. Medicines like salicylate
    Taking certein medicines like aspirin may cause it.
  4. Corrosive poison
    Taking corrosive poison may cause the nausea and vomit.
  5. Functional
    Functional vomiting means frequent episodes of recurrent vomiting that is not self-induced nor medication induced. If we find no cause for it and patient is suffering repeatedly, than we call it functional.

This way vomiting is most important topic, which help doctor to diagnose many disease conditions.

  • If vomiting occurs with abdominal pain or along with diarrhoea, than its due to abdominal cause.
  • If patient having chest pain with gabharaman, perspiration, vomiting, than must to rule out heart related problem.
  • After head injury, if someone have vomit, than need to do CT scan as early as possible.

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