Causes of hoarse voice

causes of hoarse voice

In this blog, we learn about Hoarse voice causes. A hoarse voice, also known as hoarseness or dysphonia, is when the voice involuntarily sounds breathy, raspy, or strained, or is softer in volume or lower in pitch.

It is not much common problem in general practice. Mostly patient having problem of hoarseness along with cold-coryza, which goes away with treatment. But there are many causes of hoarseness & we must understand all causes of hoarseness.


  1. Laryngitis

    It means inflammation of larynx. Laryngitis mostly seen in upper respiratory tract infection along with cold & coryza. Mostly it is temporary & goes with treatment
  2. Misuse or overuse of voice
    If we shout/speak more or sing more than it may cause temporary hoarse voice
  3. Singer’s nodule
    Repetitive overuse or misuse of the voice. These callous-like growths develop in the midpoint of the vocal folds. It causes hoarseness & it’s most probably seen in singer’s so it is called singer’s nodule
  4. Tumour in larynx
  5. Foreign body in larynx


If injury occur to one or both recurrent laryngeal nerves (RLNs),than it causes reccurent laryngeal nerve palsy.

This nerve controls all the muscle of larynx so paralysis to this nerve causes hoarseness.


  1. Myxedema
    Hypothyroid in adult is known as myxedemIn this disease thickening of the tongue and the laryngeal and pharyngeal mucous membranes, which results in thick slurred speech and hoarseness
  2. Angioneurotic oedema
    There may be swelling of the tongue, pharynx, or larynx. Any of the latter can effect speech and swallowing. Laryngeal edema (vocal cords, glottis) leads to hoarseness.


  1. Tobacco
    Taking more amount of tobacco in daily basis may cause hoarseness of voice.
  2. Alcohol
    Having addiction of alcohol may cause hoarseness of voice.

This way this is simple topic. If hoarseness occurs since short period than it may be due to overuse or due to laryngitis which recover by treatment.

But if hoarseness since long time than we must rule out other causes as mentioned above. ENT specialist will do tests & diagnose accordingly.

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