Causes of epistaxis, bleeding from nose


In this article, we learn about causes of epistaxis. Epistaxis also known as nosebleeds in which bleeding occur from nose. There are many causes of nasal bleeding. Here we learn in such a manner that you can understand and remember easily.


  1. Trauma or injury to nose
    In case of nose bleeds, first doctor do local examination of nose. Is there any injury to nose or not?. If patient having any kind of injury than, it is the reason behind epistaxis.
  2. Tumour in nose
    Doctor will do local examination, if any polyp or tumour seen inside nose. Than it may be the cause of nose bleeds.
  3. Rhinitis
    It means inflammation inside nose. Symptoms appear like running nose, sneezing, itching, nasal congestion. There may be chances of nasal bleeding, if rhinitis persist for more days.
  4. Sinusitis
    It means inflammation of sinuses, resulting in thick nasal mucus, plugged nose and facial pain. Causes behind sinusitis are inffection, allergy or structural problem in the nose. Mostly it caused by viral infection.
  5. Diphtheria
    It is bacterial infection of throat. Initial symptoms are fever, beginning of sore throat.



In below fever condition nasal bleeding may occur.

  1. Typhoid
    It is bacterial fever caused by salmonella typhi. In this fever, there is marked decreases of white blood cells(WBC) and platelet. Due to low platelet count, there may be bleeding from nose.
  2. Malaria
    Its caused by female anopheles mosquito. Symptoms includes fever with severe chill, bodyache, headache, etc. In this fever, white blood cells(WBC), red blood cells(RBC), platelet count from blood decreases. When there is very low platelet count remains in blood, there is chances of epistaxis.
  3. Viral fever
    It may be due low platelet count in viral infection. If having nasal congestion, cold and sinus infection during viral fever, it may also cause nose bleeds.
  4. Measles
    It is highly contagious viral infection caused by measels virus. Symptoms include fever, conjuctivitis, cold-cough, rashes over body, etc. Here, also blood count decreases, which causes episataxis.



Blood pressure should be checked in each and every case of nosebleeds. If blood pressure is very high, than it may be cause of epistaxis.

There is possibility of nosebleeds because blood vessels in nose to be more susceptible to damage and increase bleeding time.



If we not find any causes as describe above than we must rule out blood related diseases. For that we need to do below blood reports

By that reports, mostly we can conclude that is there any blood related disease or not?

Low platelet count

  • Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura
    If platelet count is very low and other report suggest for this condition, than diagnosis made accordingly.
  • leukemia
    With help of other reports diagnosis can be made.
  • aplastic anaemia

Platelet defect

  • Glanzmann’s thrombasthenia
  • Von willebrand’s disease

Coagulation disorder

  • Hemophilia
  • Afibrinogenemia



We also need to rule out these causes also

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency
    If person having vitamin B12 deficiency, than he has symptoms like numbness in hand and leg.
  • Hypersplenism

This way Causes of Epistaxis topic is very short & important topic.


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