Carpal tunnel syndrome : Causes, Symptoms, Treatment


In this blog,I will give you information regarding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

carpal tunnel syndrome
carpal tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a medical condition due to compression of median nerve as it travels through wrist at the carpal tunnel.

First, I am giving you basic information so it will be easier to understand. As you see image median nerve passes from upper arm to wrist & than it distribute to thumb,index finger,middle finger & lateral half of ring finger.

Only this much, we need to understand. If you got that than this topic is mostly clear to you.

When this median nerve compress, symptoms created like numbness,tingling,burning at the area where median nerve supply(thumb to lateral half of ring finger).

In this article, I will explain


  • Unknown
    Most cases of CTS are of unknown cause.
  • Injury or fracture at wrist may cause it.
  • Overuse of wrist due to type-writting, vibrating tool and work that requires a strong grip.
  • Genetics
    Genetic factors are believed to be the most important cause.


In some medicial conditions, there is increase chances of carpal tunnel syndrome. All that diseases are risk factor for CTS.

  • Pregnancy
    Due to hormonal changes & fluid retention at carpal tunnel may compress median nerve & causes CTS.
  • Obesity
    Accumulation of fluid in carpal tunnel may cause median nerve compress. So, there is increase chances of CTS in obesity.
  • Hypothyroid
    Swelling of the synovial membrane around the tendons in carpal tunnel may cause it.
  • Rhumatoid arthritis
    Destruction of bone in wrist may compress median nerve & cause CTS.
  • Lipoma/tumour/ganglion
    Above conditons may compression median nerve & cause CTS.


  1. numbness & burning pain in carpal tunnel syndrome
    median nerve supply

    Numbness,tingling & burning sensation in area of median nerve supply at thumb,index finger,middle finger & half part of ring finger.
    Complain more worsen at night. Due to that patient wakes up from sleep & must shake hands to relieve numbenss,tingling & burning in hand.

  2. Forearm & upper arm discomfort & pain
  3. Muscle wasting below thumb.Due to long standing complain muscles below thumb wasted as shown in image.
    muscle wasting


  1. Diagnosis based on clinical symptoms
  2. Muscle wasting below thumb
  3. Tinel sign – tapping the nerve at wrist as shown in image will cause tingling in median nerve suppLY.
  4. Phalen test – put the hand of patient as shown in image for 60 seconds.If patient starts symptoms like burning,numbness,tingling at median nerve supply.Then phallen test is positive & patient having CTS.


  1. Avoid work if it’s occupation related
  2. NSAID
    Non steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines are given.
  3. Physiotherapy
    Tendon and nerve gliding exercises appear to be useful in CTS.
  4. Steroid
    Either orally or injected locally.
  5. Splint – Bandage
    The importance of wrist braces and splints in the CTS is known. As per American Academy of Neurology, we can give splints in light and moderate pathology.

  6. Surgery is the last option if above treatment fails & symptoms are in more intensity.
    Release of the transverse carpal ligament is known as ” carpal tunnel release ” surgery.
  7. As per research Yoga,acupresure,acupuncture,vitamins injections & other modes of treatment are not more helpful.

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