Benifits of Honey


In this blog, we learn about benifits of honey. Honey is sweet, viscous food substance. It is made by honey bees and some other bees.

benifits of honey
honey bee on flower
benifits of honey
honey collected in honey comb

Bees produce honey from the sugary secretions of plant (flower nectar) as shown in image. That secretion is accumulate in honeycomb. We get honey from that honeycomb.


  • Approx 10 to 15ml of honey is benificial in many conditions as mention below.
  • Honey should not give to children below age of 1year.


  1. Stress
    Honey reduces the stress level. In day to day life, we are facing stress in modern life. 10 to 15 ml honey everyday will reduces the stress level.
  2. Sleep disturbance
    When we face sleep disturbance, its changed the quality of life. Taking 10-15 ml honey will improve sleep cycle and leads to sound sleep.
  3. Weakness
    Honey also gives strength to us. After taking honey, we feel better in weakness.
  4. Eyesight
    10 to 15 ml of honey mixed with 10 ml of carrot juice and consumed regularly will improve eyesight. 
  5. Teething pain
    Teething irritation is common in children. Massage gums gently with bee’s honey, it will be improve the symptom. Honey should not use in children below one year.
  6. Sore throat
    Honey is good for sore throat. It will give better result, if we mix 5 ml of honey and 10 ml of lime juice. Than swallow the mixture (without water) every few hours until symptoms clear up.
  7. Cold and cough
    Honey is good for cold and cough. We see many ayurvedic cough syrup which content honey. Honey also reduces the allergy if any. It will give best result if we mix 10 ml of honey with equal quantity of ginger juice and consume twice a day. 
  8. Wound and burns
    Honey is traditional medicine for wound and burns, in which it apply locally. It works as antiseptic and antibiotic, it gives faster recovery.
  9. Antibiotic property
    Honey is used as topical antibiotic by practitioner of traditional and herbal medicine. Honey’s antibacterial effects were first demonstrated by the Dutch scientist in 1892.
  10. Allergy
    Intake of honey will reduce allergy if any. It reduces the allergy due to dust, pollen, etc. It will give best result in allergy if honey collected from the area, where patient lives. Give 5ml honey everyday in morning before breakfast.
  11. Obesity
    Honey is advised for obesity by traditional and herbal medicine practitioner. One glass of luke warm water taken with 10 ml of honey and 5 ml of lemon juice in early morning. It will reduces fat and purifies blood. 
  12. Bed-wetting
    Bed-wetting is common problem in children. Give 5ml of honey daily just before going to bed. 
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Honey and beeswax are used in the beauty industry as a skin moisturizer, softener and to heal the skin tissue. Cosmetic applications of bee’s honey are given below

  1. Face wash
    Mix a small quantity of lime juice into 5ml of honey and apply on face before washing. This is used as a home remedy.
  2. Facial cleansing scrub
    Mix 5gm of almond seed powder into 5ml of honey, scrub softly and then wash. 
  3. Pimples
    Apply honey over pimples, it will reduce the pimple.
  4. Cracked lips
    Apply honey on cracked lips will improve symptoms.
  5. Hair luster
    Mix 5ml of honey into 4 cups of luke warm water. Use as a hair rinse. 
  6. Conditioner
    Mix 10 ml of olive oil into 5ml of honey and apply on hair. Wash after 15 min will work as a conditioner.

Hope you like the article about benifits of honey. To read other medical topics in easy language than Click Here.