Liver functions : 10 most important liver functions


In this blog, I will give information regarding functions of liver. It is really important and intresting topic.

liver functions

First, I am giving some basic information regarding Liver. It is located in the upper & right side of abdominal cavity, immediately beneath diaphragm. Weight of liver is approx 1.5 kg. It is largest gland in the body. Liver is a dual organ having both secretory and excretory function.

Total number of liver functions are more than 500. Here, I mentioned 10 vital functions. We can not believe our life without working of liver.


This function is important for our life. It is chemical process within the body. Liver do metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and many hormones are carried out.


It is not simply enough that we get nutrition from food. Our body needs to store it in our body for future use. Liver takes resposibility of it. Liver store below nutrition

        • Vitamin A, B12, D
        • Iron, folic acid
        • glycogen, amino acids


Synthesis means made by chemical process. Liver do process and make below substance

        • Glucose by gluconeogenesis
        • plasma protein, clotting factor, hormone binding protein
        • It also synthesizes steroid, somatomedin, heparin

4Secretion of bile

Bile is important in our body for digestion & absorption of fats in the intestine.Bile also excrete waste products.
This way bile is important for our body and it is secreted by liver cells.

5Excretory function

Liver excrete below substance & save us from many problems

        • Cholesterol
        • bile pigments
        • heavy metals like arsenic,bismuth,lead toxins
        • bacteria and viruses

6Heat production

During metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins; liver produces heat. Liver is the organ where maximum heat produced.

7Hemopoietic function

Heme = blood
Poiesis = to make
So, this function means liver makes blood.

        • In foetus(intrauterine life) liver produces the blood cells.
        • It store vit B12 necessary for erythropoiesis.
        • It store Iron necessary for synthesis of Hemoglobin.
        • Liver produces thrombopoietin that promotes production of platelets.

8Hemolytic function

Heme = blood
Lytic = breakdown
Red blood cell have certain life. After 120 days their life ends. RBC destroy by kupffer cells of liver. This way liver plays important role in hemolytic function.

9Inactivation of drugs & hormone

We never think what happen inside our body when we take medicine. Liver convert fat soluble drug into water soluble substance,which are excreted through bile or urine.

Liver catabolizes the hormones such as growth hormone, cortisol, insulin, glucagon,  estrogen, etc.

10Defensive & detoxification function

        • It improve our immunity by producing interlukins & tumor necrosis factor
        • Liver kills bacteria & save us from many infection.
        • It also remove toxic substance from our body & save us from harm.

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